2020 JLEP Membership Applications now available.

Why Join?
The Junior League of El Paso, Inc. empowers women through leadership training and development to positively impact the El Paso community. As a member, a woman can expect to gain an awareness of important social issues, build effective communication skills, participate in fundraising efforts, and accomplish significant goals through teamwork on a variety of projects. Members also develop strong, enduring friendships through their work within the Junior League and through involvement with community projects.

Who is Eligible?
Membership is available to women who are at least twenty-two (22) years of age, by September 1st of the year she is planning to join.   The deadline for membership occurs in March of each year.

Prospective members are encouraged to contact the Junior League or to inform members of their interest in joining.

What are the Requirements?
Membership in the Junior League of El Paso, Inc. begins with a Provisional Course. The Provisional Course is a required period of orientation that begins in May and concludes in February. The Provisional course provides education and training about the structure of the Junior League of El Paso, along with its history and role in the community. Provisional members have the opportunity to participate in volunteer activities, fundraising events, and social activities throughout the year. Successful completion of the Provisional Course prepares new members for Active membership in one of the many Junior League committees.

Time Requirements include:

  • Attendance at Monthly General Meetings (1st Monday of each month from September-May)
  • Attendance at Provisional Class Meetings (Monday evenings as scheduled, from May – February)
  • Provisional Class Field Trips
  • Christmas Fair Shifts (Up to 12 hours)
  • JLEP Project Observation (one)
  • Attendance at one JLEP Board & Council Meeting
  • Provisional Class Project

Financial Requirements include:

  • Provisional Course fee of $100
  • Permanent Headquarters Fund Assessment of $100
  • Annual Dues of $128
  • General Meeting Meal Assessment of $120
  • Christmas Fair Obligation of $40
  • Cookbook Financial Obligation of $16

For more information please contact Membership Recruitment at memrecruit@jlep.org or call our Headquarters office at 915-584-3511


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